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Австралийские UH-1 'Bushrangers'
Ищу фото или изображения австралийский Ирокезов 'Bushrangers' во Вьетнаме

The Royal Australian Air Force employed the UH-1H until 1989. Iroquois helicopters of No. 9 Squadron RAAF were deployed to South Vietnam in mid 1966 in support of the 1st Australian Task Force. In this role they were armed with single M60 doorguns. In 1969 four of No. 9 Squadron's helicopters were converted to gunships (known as 'Bushrangers'), armed with two fixed forward firing M134 7.62 mm minigun (one each side) and a 7 round rocket pod on each side. Aircrew were armed with twin M60 flexible mounts in each door. UH-1 helicopters were used in many roles including troop transport, medevac and Bushranger gunships for armed support.
Еще немного описательного:
In equally important role was aerial fire support, and to give 9 Squadron a greater capacity for direct support of Army ground operations, a specially modified UH-1H was introduced early in 1969. The 'Bushranger' helicopter was a UH-1H equipped with a modified XM-21 armament sub-system of two rocket pods each holding seven 2.75 rockets; two miniguns, each capable of firing 4,800 rounds per minute; and two M60 machine guns, handled by door-gunners. This armament sub-system could be removed in three hours to convert the Bushranger gunship to a troop carrying utility (slick) if additional troop lift capacity was required for operation.
И изобразительного: http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_1873_start_40.html
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