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The medium tank M2 was a larger development of the M2 Light Tank. Many components were common or used a similar design, including the vertical volute spring suspension which would be used in later tanks as well. Twin-wheeled bogies were mounted externally, and rubber-bushed and rubber-shoed track proved durable on roads. The M2 had a high superstructure with a sponson-mounted machine gun in each corner. In addition, two more machine guns were fixed in the glacis plate and fired by the driver. Surmounting the hull was a small revolving turret armed with a 37 mm Gun M3 and a coaxial machine gun. The crew comprised of the tank commander, a driver and four gunners. The vehicle provided internal stowage for 200 rounds of 37 mm ammunition and up to 12,250 rounds of .30-06 cal.


Weight 18.7 tonnes
Length 5.38 m
Width 2.59 m
Height 2.82 m
Crew 6 (Commander, driver, (4x) gunners)
Armor 6.4–32 mm
Primary armament
1× 37 mm Gun M3
200 rounds
Secondary armament
7× .30-06 Browning M1919 machine guns
12,250 rounds
Engine Wright R975 EC2 air-cooled radial gasoline
400/340 hp (298/253 kW)
Suspension Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS)
Fuel capacity 473 litres (125 gallons)
range (130 mi)
Speed 42 km/h (26 mi/h)
30962.attach.jpg (120.99 КБ)
30963.attach.jpg (35.78 КБ)
30964.attach.jpg (91.98 КБ)
30965.attach.jpg (49.02 КБ)
30966.attach.jpg (33.72 КБ)
30967.attach.jpg (57.6 КБ)
30968.attach.jpg (117.48 КБ)
30969.attach.jpg (39.68 КБ)
Свабоду букашкам и по две сиське в одни лапки...
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