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Silicone mould and resin casting in scale modeling, from start to finish

Автор: Александр (Fred_SPb) · 775 просмотров

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I would like to present my experience in the manufacture of a silicone mold for casting and casting parts from liquid plastic (resin).
This is not a manufacturer's advertisement. All materials were purchased by me.
There are many silicone compounds and liquid plastics on the market now, but since I did it for the first time and did not know which one I needed, I chose materials that are well known and give good results.
In fact, I didn't really like the liquid plastic I used. After curing, it remains pliable and differs in hardness from the usual resin for the modeler. But paint adheres to it remarkably. :) Next time I will try another material, harder and I will definitely paint the resin with pigment - it is inconvenient to work with snow-white details.



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