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Модель: F-4J Showtime 100

Спасибо всем! Я очень рад что вам нравится модель.
Модель: F-18D

Модель сделан по заказу и я отправлю его из Сербий в Казахстан. В транспорте много частей можно сломатся и потому я не клею их.
Извините, я не говорю по русскии хорошо.

Thanks. I use airbrush for all fading, just take lighter colour than base and make some freehand fading. Later I use paper or masking tape and place on some panel lines to make sharp colour transitions from base to lighter colour. It`s basically same like Mig Jimenez does on his AFV Modulation techniques video.
Модель: F-18F

Looks GREAT, SukhoiSRB! As always!) Have you used salt method?

No, i haven`t used it, just a lot of experimenting with my airbrush and different tones of gray.
Модель: F-18F

Я не смог прочитать описание! Но только 1 вопрос??? Почему ракеты и т.б лежит рядом а не на пилонах? По покраске просто супер мне далеко до такого. Приятно смотреть.

Не говорю по русски хорошо, потому описание написал по англиский.
Модел сделал по заказу и ракеты нет на пилонах потому что модель нужно отправить почтой.
Модель: A-6A

Model is made on order and i couldn`t place weapons and fuel tanks because they would break during transport.
Other than that, it`s made to be "in flight" so landing gear is not lowered )
Модель: Fw190F-8

I made scratches with thin brush
Модель: F-15D Oregon ANG

Thanks for comments
Well, there weren`t any pilots with the model :)
As for fact it is clean, theese F-15s were rehauled and repainted in mod eagle scheme, here are pictures of real planes, notice how clean they are
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Модель: F-4J

Yes it is :)
I had to leave some parts separated because it was made by request so i want to prevent any damage during transport in mail.

It will be hanging for ceiling i believe when it arrives to new owner :)
Модель: EA-6B VMAQ-2

First they invented stealth airplanes, now stealth pilots :))
Модель: Supergaleb G-4

Well i think Serbs can understand Russian easier than Russians can understand Serbs at least that`s how i feel when i listen something in Russian because i recognize some words that are similar in Croatian but sound different in Serbian :)
Модель: Supergaleb G-4

I doubt anyone would understand if i wrote in Serbian :)
Модель: Supergaleb G-4

Thanks :)
Well, back in SFRY air force was very well maintained and planes were often really clean and in great shape

Unfortunately nowadays after wars and all budget cuts that military took, not all planes are in such great condition
Модель: Fw-190A-8 Maj. Heinz Bär

I fixed landing gear meanwhile
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Модель: Fw-190A-8 Maj. Heinz Bär

I don`t know this is my frist WW2 plane in 1/48 and first Fw-190 i haven`t build others :)
Модель: Jagdtiger

Well, i got couple of comments like that before, how do you want me to take pictures of model? Bigger in size or?
Thanks by the way
Модель: F-16D

What do you have in mind as improvements?
Модель: F-14B VF-103

Thanks guys :)
I havent used any aftermarket, its all out of box :)
Модель: T-80UD

Yes, there are couple mistakes, i made this for a friend and he just wanted to get a "good for the eye" look of the tank.
By the way, i can write in Russian with google translate but it looks very bad and inaccurate so i think its better to write in english.

Aleksei tu parles francais? :)
Модель: T-80UD

I got it from a friend of mine, i dont know where he found it :)
Модель: T-80UD

Its very old kit, not in production anymore. Zvezda bought license for it and is making basically the same model but under their name.
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