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Italeri 1411 A 7E Corsair II full build

Автор: Александр (Fred_SPb) · 848 просмотров

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Italeri 1411 A 7E Corsair II full build with parts from Hobby Boss kit 87204.

I want to introduce you another build. I started working with the Italieri kit, but during the assembly process I decided to use various parts from the Hobby Boss kit. You may ask - why didn't I build the Hobby Boss kit? I do not want to discuss this question, except for some advantages this kit has more significant disadvantages, which have been discussed many times on the Internet.

My conclusion - if you are not ready for a lot of remodeling and corrections and are ready to deal with inaccuracies - build the Hobby Boss kit. If you want to build a good model of A-7E - wait until someone releases a more accurate kit. If you will see Italeri's kit, run away from it ...

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