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US6 WW2 cargo truck 1/35 scale model painting and weathering | Окраска и везеринг модели US6 1/35

Автор: Tim T (Киsssa) · 1024 просмотра

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During WWII, the legendary Studebaker US6, became the symbol of the American Lend-Lease program.
This excellent vehicle was developed by the famous Studebaker company from an order placed by the US Government. The first mass produced US6 left the production line in June 1941. The Studebaker US6 was not used as the standard US Army truck, and so the Allies became its main users. Most of the US6s were delivered to The Soviet Union. In the Red Army, Studebakers were used not only for carrying loads, transporting troops, and as gun tractors, but they were also the base for a variety of different installations, such as various multiple launch rocket systems.
In the USSR the US6, nicknamed “Studer”, proved extremely popular due to its reliability and excellent cross country performance.
       This Studebaker model by ICM Models (Ukraine) is single available in modern market. Although it's fine to built, great detailed kit. There were added Tamya's tissue rolls and remaked metal rearview mirrors rails. Painting as usual with Mr Color paints, laquers Mr Hobby, Tamiya.  Custom decals (2nd Ukranian Front, Prague, May 1945). Wash Tamiya. Streaking effects were made with art oil paints. Pigments were drybrushed Vallejo to imitate light dust effects, Tamiya weathershine set C I applied to picture rusted exhaust pipe and a little bit soot on it, the set F for naked metal parts.

       Have a nice wathcing! :)
        Набор Студебекера от украинского производителя ICM Models, является единственным доступным на современном рынке моделей.
Несмотря на это, весьма приятный в сборке, отлично детализирован.
Были добавлены Тамиевские скатки ткани, переделаны на металл держатели зеркал. Окрас Mr Color, лаки Mr Hobby, Tamiya. Штатные декали (2й Украинский Фронт, Май 1945, Прага). Смывка Тамия, потеки маслом. Пигменты Vallejo для имитации запыления, наборы пигментов С от Тамии применялись для выхлопной трубы, F для обнаженного металла.

       Приятного просмотра! :)

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