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Автор: Кирилл (Captain Blood) · 1966 просмотров

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This replica 17th century Spanish Galleon was built for the 1986 Roman Polanski film "Pirates". It is now moored in the port of Genoa, Italy and is a striking sight. It was built in Sousse, Tunisia larger than an actual galleon of the time, is 63 metres long, and embellished with somewhat over the top figurines.  Otherwise the ship is reasonably accurate above the water line. Power is supplied by 400 HP diesel engines. The built cost was $8 million which was around a quarter of the total production cost of the film. One of the largest film props ever built the ship is now a tourist attraction and can be boarded for 6 Euros at the time of writing (2015).

This video was shot on a Sony Bloggie 3D Camera and that version can be viewed elsewhere on my YouTube Channel. However, my PowerDirector 13 edit suite refused to handle the edit and the only alternative software I could find (PavTube) resulted in a very clunky, crash 3D edit. This reduction to 2D was easier to edit in PD13 and the YouTube stabilising software was superior to that in PD13.


Кирилл (Captain Blood)
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Кирилл  (Captain Blood)
"Нептун"огромный испанский корабль 16-ого века в порту города Генуя. Этот корабль был построен для съемок фильма "Пираты" режиссера Романа Полански.
"Neptuno"enorme espanol de la nave del siglo xix, en el puerto de la ciudad de Genova. Este barco fue construido para el rodaje de la pelicula "los Piratas" director de cine Roman polanski.

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